A month later, and I'm having some issues with upholding my vegan during the day standards.  This week was my American birthday, so I was taken to my favorite oyster bar for lunch, that's one day down.  And both the day before and after I was recipe writing for SeriousEats - and it's very hard to write a good recipe without tasting what you're cooking.

Basically, I'm not sure how I can really keep doing this in a strict way and do any/all of my jobs with any degree of competency. 

I'm going to keep trying and see how it works out.
I'm still really liking eating vegan during the day, but I'm eating the same things over and over.  And when I'm not being a vegan in the evening I go a little nuts with the non-veganness and end up eating really unhealthy food.

I'm going to try and get better this week.
This is week 3 of my vegan during the weekdays experiment, I've got to say it's going very well.  I've gotten used to the constant hunger, and the eating everything I can get my hands on (outside of meat, dairy, refined sugar and flour) which means mostly vegetables.

I'm feeling really good.  And I'm cooking things that I normally wouldn't.  This week I ate quite a few veg/tofu temaki (handrolls) and really loved them.  Although making them with brown rice is a little challenging, but worth the effort.  Avocado is making a regular appearance in my fridge for the first time in a long while.  Lots of spinach.  And tofu.  I really, really like tofu.  The time I spent in Japan taught me to approach tofu as an ingredient, not merely a meat substitute.  It's delicious.

Outside of the temaki I ate cold peanut sesame noodles twice this week, and I think I'm really getting that dish down.  I've been using whole wheat spaghetti, tofu, cucumbers, red peppers and cooked and drained spinach.  The dressing is a tablespoon of natural peanut butter mixed with some soy sauce, hoisin, sriracha, toasted sesame oil and a pinch of salt with some water to loosed the whole thing up.

It's amazing just how good I feel, and how in the evenings when I eat meat, dairy and white flour I find myself eating a lot more vegetables too.  The ingredient that I've been really focusing on is the white flour - really good crusty bread has been all I want.

I'll finalize the cold peanut sesame noodle recipe next week and post it.
I decided to make this week a 4 day week in honour of Chinese New Year ( I had lunch with Lilly Jan today and could not say no to a big bowl of wonton soup.  With roast pork.  And a half a roast duck).

But I was a strict vegan from when I woke up until 5pm for four days.  And I've got to admit it was harder than I thought it would be.  There were a lot of whole grains, and a ton of vegetables.  I have never eaten this many vegetables, and still feel hungry. 

While I was waiting for Lilly to show up for our lunch date I spent some time in Super 88 (one of Boston's Asian groceries) and bought a bunch of tofu, a large selection of noodles, and quite a few vegetables.

My plan for next week is a lot of dal, some vegetable stock and a big pot of beans.