This weekend I got myself down to two starters, and made some pretty successful bread.  I make my sourdough bread by mixing my starter with salt and flour until I get something that resembles a bread dough, I don't measure or weigh anything.  True bakers out there will wringing their hands at that admission, but after I've spent a day lovingly feeding the little yeasties I just can't manage to break out my scale.

Thanks to a coworker I have started doing a double rise, which helped volumes. 
Bread made with Inga the starter.
Not measuring seems to have worked fairly well for this bread, and I have some dough made with the other starter sitting on the counter.  I'm hoping that it will work just as well for a skillet focaccia tonight with some shrimp and salad for supper.

Recently I have been experimenting with making my own peameal bacon.  Been getting some positive results with that as well.  Hoping my bacon will take me places.  Places with plenty of mustard and kaiser rolls.


09/17/2013 01:46

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