The job I most coveted through this process, is as a part time cheese monger at Formaggio Kitchen in Cambridge.  I'll only be there two days a week but I'm thrilled to be able to learn about cheese from such a respected institution.  And also be so close to so many awesome products.

My next job which I'm also really excited about is at Create A Cook teaching culinary classes to 9-11 year olds.  I saw an ad on craigslist for a teaching position there and as luck would have it a friend from culinary school is one of the main organizers at the school, and things just fell together.  I'll be observing classes next week and hopefully I'll get my feet under me soon after and begin to teach classes.

Life is very exciting for me right now.  It's a really great feeling.
My time for the past few weeks has been occupied with finding a job, which I think I've done.  I'm really excited because it's the job I was really coveting.  I'll put a link up here when all the details get straightened out.

I've also been up to my eyeballs with bureaucratic crap.  Both immigration-wise and life in general.  Balls. 

Not much else to report.  Excited to spend this American Thanksgiving in Anguilla (seeing both my partner's family and my Mum and Uncle).  Haven't been able to visit down there in awhile, and the last time I was there was for more solemn circumstances.

Life's moving on in general.  Looking forward to getting on with it.
I spent the better part of last week in Toronto, my Omi passed away late Monday night.  She was a very important part of my life, and much of the person I am today is because of her.

As luck would have it I was in Toronto the week before because of a surgery that didn't actually happen.  It was really fortunate that I got to spend some time with her before she passed.
Omi and I during one of her garden parties '08
Neat lady, great cook.  I'm going to miss her a lot.